About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Natural Skin Care Products

Areli Beauty is a skincare company that offers a range of natural skincare products made with organic ingredients. Our products are Canadian made, naturally-derived and earth-friendly, they are also paraben and cruelty-free, made employing eco-friendly clean manufacturing practices. This makes our products safe for you and safe for the planet.

Our premium naturally derived products are formulated to address dry skin concerns for people living in cold or dry arid regions. This will help to brighten your natural glow and moisturize your skin. 

Our Vision

Our vision statement is to be a world recognized skincare brand helping women grasp their confidence and inner strength. 


Our mission is to make our organic skincare the preferred brand that gives women confidence and inner strength to take on life positively. 

Meet the Founder & CEO

Nancy Ihebom is passionate about service delivery and continuous learning; she is a marketing and customer service professional with over 8years experience in the banking sector. She has a degree in Biochemistry, working towards her Product Management and Scrum Certification. 

Struggling with dry skin in Canada, I searched several stores to get a product that elevates my natural skin glow and provides much needed moisture. I could not find anything to suit my needs, besides there was no woman/black owned,  natural skincare company I could find to support. I am an advocate of financial independence and I want to be a beacon of hope for other immigrant women. Growing up in Nigeria, I was exposed to the effects of financial inequality and no access to opportunities for growth. Women constantly struggle to achieve financial independence when they have to choose to let go of their dreams and focus on the family. Living in Alberta has given me the hope that women can achieve greatness with the right community and support. My passion and commitment is to use the business as a vehicle for women empowerment.  This is why Areli Beauty was created. Join me on this beautiful journey.

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Our preferred brand gives women confidence and inner strength to take on life positively