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Our Vision

Our vision statement is to be a world-renowned skincare brand that helps people grasp confidence and embrace their inner strength.


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Not Tested On Animals
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Naturally Efective

Our Mission is to provide skincare products that allows you the opportunity to enrich your ever-present confidence and natural beauty.

Meet the Founder & CEO

Nancy is passionate about providing products that improve people’s lives. Areli Beauty was born out of frustration with the lack of moisturizers available that would elevate the skin’s natural radiance and also provide much-needed moisture. Utilizing her degree in Biochemistry, Nancy lovingly created a line of skincare products that would fill the industry void.

Her many years in banking has further solidified her passion and advocacy of financial independence for immigrant women. A native of Nigeria, Nancy witnessed, firsthand, financial disparity and lack of opportunity for the women in her country. There, it was difficult to follow their dreams and raise families. 

“Now living in Alberta has given me the hope that women can achieve greatness with the right community and support. As part of our community initiative, we aim to encourage and support women to achieve financial independence. .  This is why Areli Beauty was created. Join me on this beautiful journey”.

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Our preferred brand gives women confidence and inner strength to take on life positively