To Get You Started Lets Talk Serums

To get you started lets talk serums. A serum is a beauty skin care product that you apply to your face. They are also designed to deliver high amounts of active ingredients to your face. In addition, they are a clear, gel-based liquid that is less thick than your moisturizer.

Why Do You Use Serums?

Below are four different reasons you want to run out and buy some serum to add to your routine.
Firstly, use a serum to minimize dark spots
Daily exposure to harmful UV rays makes your skin look dull, aged, and discolored. Also after about two weeks of everyday serum use, dark spots are visibly improved. Within about four weeks, fine lines and wrinkles are also improved. Most importantly It is essential to apply the serum at night after cleansing.

Secondly, use a serum to brighten your skin
With age comes the loss of naturally radiant skin! To help with this, use a brightening serum formulated with micro-reflectors that illuminates the look of skin and stimulates cell renewal.
Thirdly, use a serum to plump your skin and reduce your wrinkles
Serums play a vital role in fighting against your skin aging. Choose a serum that contains hyaluronic acid – after about two weeks, you will see that your fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Vitamin C is another anti-aging ingredient to be mindful to choose a serum. Reach for a formulation that contains a sizable percentage of the vital antioxidant, like our Meadowfoam & Current Body Oil. Meadowfoam Oil creates a natural protective barrier on the skin’s surface to deliver antioxidants and fight free radical damage. Black Currant Oil contains skin-brightening Vitamin C for a more even, radiant skin tone.

To get you started lets talk serums
#4. Use a serum to help plump up your skin
Your skin slowly lose volume and moisture as you age, especially in areas like your cheekbones and under-eyes. To replenish and plump these areas, reach for a targeting serum that contains hyaluronic acid.
#5. Use a serum to help clear breakouts
To help combat that acne-prone skin – find a serum that includes benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Which serum is suitable for you?

Do you suffer from dry skin? Focus on serums that are packed with vitamin E, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid. You’ll love how these ingredients work because they improve your skin’s elasticity and moisture.
Do you suffer from dull skin? Choose serums with green tea extract and ferulic acid! These ingredients will leave your skin brighter and smoother!

To get you started lets talk serums

How do you apply serums?
Use a pea-sized amount of serum, then gently massage the product into your dry face and neck right after cleansing. Follow up with a good moisturizer and sunscreen! Voila! Beautiful skin.

Does the price tag scare you? Don’t worry – it’s worth it. Skip the take-out, the nail salon, or that baked tread one time and invest in your skin. Serums are intended to be more expensive because they are designed to penetrate deeper than moisturizers and lotions. Finally, Serums get into the deeper part of your skin to make ingredients go to work and have long-term effects on your skin.
What else do you love about serums? What are some of your favorites? In conclusion, to get you started lets talk serums.

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